Adult Fitness



Look great, be fit, and live the lifestyle you want with Compete Sports Performance!

If you're looking for an inspiring, motivating, and fun workout, Adult Fitness with Compete Sports Performance is right for you. Get the fitness results you never thought you could achieve! Run that marathon, fit in those jeans, and go on that hike that you once thought you could never do! Compete offers both semi-private training and small group training.

"I have been working out at Compete Performance for over 1 year now, and what a difference! Brandon & Chris make the classes fun and challenging! I would definitely recommend them to anyone serious about improving their fitness, strength and flexibility. In addition, they not only work with adults, but do a great job with kids and teenagers that want to increase their performance as well. My daughter's soccer team trained during the season at Compete, and it definitely helped make them stronger and faster players." ~ Wendi Fast


Compete is an Official MyZone Heart Rate Monitoring Facility


At Compete, we believe that every day is an opportunity to get better. Compete's semi-private and group programs aim to improve your body, mind, and overall health every day. 

Program Features:

* Small Group Classes

* Semi Private Training Sessions devised to meet your specific demands and goals

* MyZone Heart Rate monitors to track your workout

* Competitive environment

* Fitness and Nutrition Assessments Available

* Weight, Body Fat, Before and After Photo Available

* Functional Movement Screen (FMS) with corrective exercises available

* Nutrition analysis and support available

* Challenges to motivate you

Monthly Cost:

* $120 Unlimited Adult SportFlex Classes

* $20 Drop in fee for SportFlex Class

* Semi Private session of 1-4 adults, $50/session or 5 sessions for $200

May mix classes and semi privates.

Free consultation available


Nutrition Counseling

Compete is happy to announce the addition of Kumi Blanco to our staff. Kumi will be availble to help educate our athletes and clients on proper nutritional needs.  To schedule a nutritional consultation, contact Kumi directly at