February 2012

Performance Training for Serious Athletes

Develop the body you need and dominate the competition! 

Serious athletes have to be able to perform against the very best competition around. It's our job to help you prepare for it.

Athletic Performance Classes

Boost your athleticism! Get in the Game with our Athletic Performance Class!

Sports Rehabilitation

 Let Compete Sports Performance & Rehab manage your care from start to finish!

Compete Team

Chris Phillips ATC, CSCS

Founder and Owner

Specialty Programs

It doesn't matter what sport you play, Compete Sports Performance will help you reach your goals with our Specialty Programs!

With Compete's Specialty Programs, we focus on giving the athlete the tools they need to excel not just in their given sport, but in their given position. We concentrate heavily on developing the speed, power, agility, and strength needed to excel in that position. Compete currently offers the following Specialy Programs:


Post Rehab Conditioning



Don't Let Injuries Set You Back.

Get Back In The Game Quicker And Stronger Than Ever!

Adult Fitness


Look great, be fit, and live the lifestyle you want with Compete Sports Performance!

Sports Medicine

Compete owner Chris Phillips with Paul Kariya during Game 6 of the 2003 Stanley Cup Finals. Chris served as the Head Athletic Trainer for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and has run the sports medicine services for numerous professional sport teams. Chris is also a certified Sports Safety Specialist.






Compete Founder Chris Phillips with 3 time NHL Most Valuable Player Alex Ovechkin








"Chris Phillips will make you better than you are and will see the vision to make you better than you think you can be. If you think you're competeing now, just wait untill Chris and the Compete staff are on your side!

Patrick McLain, Chicago Fire/MLS





Compete Sports Performance & Rehab serves the Orange County and Los Angeles County Regions. We Are conveniently located at:

Private Training


Get Ready To Play At Your Best!

Small Group and Team Training


Private Training

Compete's Private Training focuses on you!

College Commitments

Jordan Sanguedolce         Hope International                              Soccer

Manuela Ramirez              Cal Poly Pomona                                Soccer