5 Keys to Proper Hydration

As summer gears up and athletes participate in tryouts, workouts, camps, and other activities, proper hydration is critical to optimal health and performance. When athletes engage in physical activity while dehydrated, they will likely see a decrease in performance, muscle cramping, increased heart rate, nausea, fatigue, headache, and light-headedness.  Here are some keys to staying hydrated this summer:

Static Stretching Post-Workout

Static stretching is an aspect of training that is frequently overlooked by athletes, coaches, and trainers. However, this is an extremely important feature of training that needs to be done much more often, as it greatly aids the recovery process. There are discussions out there that state 

Training Tips for Competitive Cheer

All athletes need of periods of rest prior throughout the season. In respect to competitive cheerleading, any rest period before the upcoming season is limited and short. To prevent overuse injuries while staying in shape for 

Preparing for Hockey Tryouts

Tryout season can be almost as stressful as the regular season. Players are jockeying for positions,  coaches are searching for the right players to fill their squad and parents are trying to understand what would be best for their son or daughter. Leading up to tryouts, there are things players can do to make sure they are as prepared as possible for a good showing when the time comes.

Core Stability Isn't Just Sit Ups

When most people think about core or abdominal exercises, they think sit ups and planks. Though these exercises can be effective, can we do it better? Many of the most popular core exercises are performed on the floor. The issue is that most of the sports we play occur standing up. With this in mind, adding core exercises in a standing position, 

Baseball Safety: Before Taking the Field

First and foremost, know your athletes.

Improve Your Core Stability with this Easy Series

Core stability plays a huge roll in both sports performance and injury prevention. The core musculature includes any muscle that attaches to the pelvic bone. These include the abdominals, erector spinae and glutes to name a few.

5 Ways to Recover Faster

This time of year brings on the playoffs for many athletes. The stakes are higher, the games are more intense and a number of games can be played in a short amount of time. The demands on the athlete’s body become higher with less time to recover. This can lead to decreased performance or injury that can change the end result of your season. There are many recovery aids available, some simple and inexpensive and some expensive and elaborate, but the most important thing is to 

Preparing to Compete

As we head into playoff season, it is important to remember that proper preparation, on a daily basis is a major factor to your success. Preparing for a game doesn’t start when you step on the ice. Preparation is really a daily process of repeating certain things that make you the player you are. Preparation starts with how you eat and sleep at home or on the road. I try to engrain in all of the players we work with that preparation begins when you walk in the door of the rink. At this time, the game and what you need to do to win need to be the only thing on your mind.

Over Training in Sports

The standards for competitive sports for all levels from youth to professional have elevated. This reoccurring trend is not necessarily a bad thing; however, the emphasis is being placed more on quantity than quality of training. When the intensity, duration, and frequency of training is too high with insufficient recovery, training becomes harmful versus beneficial. If the quality of training is high then there should be no reason to compensate with extra conditioning or trainings in addition to what is already required.