Baseball Safety: Before Taking the Field

First and foremost, know your athletes.

Sliding Techniques in Baseball: Which is Safer? Which is Faster?

If you've been paying attention to the Major League Baseball season, and particularly if you're an Angels fan, you've probably heard about Mike Trout's injury that is going to result in surgery and DL stint for the first time in his career.  Trout injured the ulnar collateral ligament in his left thumb while sliding head first into second base.  This is a somewhat common injury in baseball due the prevalence of head first sliding, which is why you see many players now donning a protective hand and finger guard while running the bases.  Clearly, this indicates that there is an increased risk 

In Season Training for Baseball

With the Major League Baseball season about to get underway, we are nearing the end of baseball's pre-season and about to enter the regular season.  For colleges and high schools, they have been in-season for about a month already.  This article will discuss the importance of in-season training and how it differs from off-season training.



The Basics of Safe Pitching Mechanics

Even though most pitchers have unique deliveries and mechanics, there are some basics that all pitchers should have in common to pitch safely.  First, pitchers should generate their power from the ground up.  The arm is like a bullwhip.  It is mostly there to direct where the ball is going, and that is dictated by the hand/wrist and the timing of ball release.  Kids should not be trying to "muscle up" on their pitches by using only their shoulders.  The sequential nature of pitching allows for the pitcher to build up power from their legs, hips, and core, and then unwinding this stored power during the acceleration phase.  Now, the arm does need to generate rotation about the shoulder, but the vast majority of the throwing velocity depends on  


Baseball Conditioning

When it comes to conditioning, you should consider the specific demands of the sport you're training for.  For youth athletes, hopefully they're participating in several sports throughout the calendar year.  Multi-sport athletes will naturally perform different types of conditioning sim

Three Stretches to Prevent Shouder Injuries in Baseball and Softball

It's very common for ballplayers to experience soreness and fatigue in their throwing arms.  Kids are either playing year round, or playing in tournaments that cram multiple games into several days.  Even with league mandated pitch counts, every player throws the ball, especially the catchers.  So what can you do to help your son or daughter maintain a healthy shoulder?  The first, and most important factor, is rest.  When they have opportunities to rest their arms between games or tournaments, it's a good idea to take advantage of it.  This also includes throwing as a part of