New Year, New You, Try Something New

At the beginning year everyone has a new resolution, traditionally including eating healthier and exercising more. The issue many people encounter is that they revert back to the same strategies they always have used like cutting

What Every Team Should Have in Their First Aid Kit

When an Athletic Trainer isn't available at your sports team's practice or game, it is imperative that a quality first aid kit and someone with a general knowledge of first aid be present. The following is a list of items suggested by Compete Sports Performance and Rehab's certified Athletic Trainer to be contained in each team’s first aid kits. These kits should be on hand and easily available at all team functions. It is also suggested that the kits be on the bench during 

Prepare to Exercise

Proper preparation leads to a more productive, injury free fitness experience


Are you an avid runner or biker? How about a weekend warrior playing softball, basketball or tennis? Do you prepare for these activities or as Nike would say "Just Do It". Proper preparation for these activities can reduce injuries and pain related 

Foam Rolling for Distance Runners

Use of a foam roller BEFORE a run helps increase blood flow and releases muscle tightness that could interfere with proper running form.


Foam rolling essential muscles

Single Leg Strengthening to Improve Performance

For ages, the squat was the most widely used exercise to improve lower body strength. As the Strength and Conditioning profession has evolved, the emphasis on many programs has switched to single leg exercises to improve 

Use These Three Exercises to Help Prevent ACL Injuries

An ACL tear is one of the most feared injuries in sports. Various research report anywhere from 80,000-250,000 ACL tears per year in the United States. The injuries occur in athletes from common sports such as soccer, basketball and football, but also occur in less common sports such as cheer and snowboarding.  They occur in pro athletes all the way down to pre-teens.

Sports Performance Training vs "Working Out"

Playing a sport and working out are two different spectrums. Working out is recreational exercise for general health and wellness, which consists of going on a run, or a bike ride, or lifting weights at the gym. This is great for the average person, but athletes are not average. They require a specific skill set that allows them to excel at their sport. The foundational athletic skills consist of speed, agility, strength, power, endurance, and flexibility; all which are tapered and refined depending on their sport. The training for 

Heiden Jumps to Improve Power in Hockey

Power can be defined as the rate at which work can be done. Simply put, how fast can you move an object? That object could be the puck being blasted into the top shelf, an opponent getting checked while skating down the wing or your own body skating across the ice. In today’s game, power is 

Building a Challenging Strength Program

When building an athletic performance program, rehab protocol or even a sports practice, there has to be a start and finish. Where does it start? How does it progress? What are the goals? These are only a few questions that need to be answered when establishing

Former Hockey Trainer Turns Strength and Performance into Business Success

Opening a new business when the economy began taking the worst downturn since the Great Depression may have prompted many people to believe that Chris Phillips had taken too many pucks to the noggin during his 15 years of professional ice hockey.

Phillips had become a board certified athletic trainer and strength and conditioning coach, and for six years was the Head Athletic Trainer for the Mighty Ducks. He had worked with many of the top NHL