Active Recovery

After a long a weekend of games and you are tired, sore, and everything hurts the last thing you want to is be active. Just because you are tired and sore from training or competition does not mean you just sit and do nothing. That is probably the worst thing you could do; the better choice is to add an active rest and recovery day or two into your regular training program. Active rest and recovery includes exercises such as light bike riding or jogging, dynamic and static stretching, TRX exercises, mini-band exercises, PowerPlate exercises and

Strengthening the Hamstrings

 At Compete Sports Performance and Rehab, single leg straight leg deadlifts are an essential exercise in a lower body strength program. A majority of sports are performed on one leg (running, cutting, skating, etc); therefore, athletes need to train and perform single leg exercises. Single leg straight leg deadlifts focus on strengthening the posterior chain which includes the glutes, hamstrings, and back extensors. Along with working on strength, it also requires balance......

Improving Lower Body Strength

Lower body strengthening is a huge part of any sports performance program, but how you strengthen is more important. Many athletes we see come in squating or deadlifting big numbers, but when we put them in positions that they will be in during their sport, they struggle. I'm not saying that squatting or deadlifting are bad for you or that they do not play a part in sports performance training, but that there are many different ways that can be effective. When you think about sports, how often is the athlete in a squat position with the weight equally balanced between the two feet? In most sports, it's pretty rare. Think about 


Importance of In-Season Strength Training for Soccer Players

Most injuries in soccer occur during season because of the amount of practices and games played increases. However, majority of those in-season injuries are non-contact and can avoided, such as muscle strains. The assumption is that because you are practice 3 to 4 times a week and playing up to 2 games a weekend, that there is no way that you are out of shape or that your muscles are weak. Contradictory to that common assumption, in-season strength training is just as important as it is in the off-season. Strength training is not an aspect of training that can

Flexibility vs Mobility in Sports

Flexibility and mobility typically get mistaken as the same thing, but they are very different. Flexibility can be defined as the range of motion of a single joint or the ability of a single joint to move freely such as your hip, shoulder or knee. Mobility can be defined as the ability of one or more joints to move freely during movements such squatting or lunging. According to Mike Robertson of the International Youth Conditioning Association, flexibility is merely a component of mobility. Mobility includes 

Healthy, Packable Snacks to Fuel the Day

Food intake is extremely important for athletes burning a ton of calories in their respective athletic endeavors. Packing and snacking on food items throughout the day will prevent overconsumption at lunch or dinner.  In order to keep energy levels high, a variety of 

Use These Two Exercises to Improve Your Running

Tight and weak hip muscles, specifically the Gluteus Medius, when running can cause compromised stride length and reduced propulsion.  What this means is that the Gluteus Medius muscle plays a major role in hip abduction and when it is weak or tight the pelvis will tilt sideways and inhibit the ability to transfer weight to the opposite leg 

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

In a world driven by a tight schedule, the lack for individual health can sometimes suffer.  Skipping breakfast has become a common practice in many house holds and unfortunately can have short and long term affects on the body. 

Breakfast fuels the preferential oxidation of glucose (3), meaning breakfast is 

Debugging Anti-Nutritional Factors in Beans

Beans, Beans, the magical fruit that makes you toot.  Beans may in fact be the best thing to ever grow, ever, but beans have been brought to shame.  There has been news traveling around that beans are in fact more harmful than good.  This had to be pondered by not only myself but other fart loving, bean eaters. 

            The first claim that had been made was about 

Preventing Shin Splints in Runners

The term Shin Splints is also known as “medial tibial stress syndrome” and is typically seen in running sports such as track and field and cross-country.  This stress is specific to the lower leg and is typically caused by improper or worn-out shoes with a lack of arch support or muscular tightness in the calves. It also is an overuse injury meaning that there typically no one incident that caused the injury, but developed over time. The injury can also occur when increasing the intensity of your running program or