March Exercise of the Month


Changing direction is a primary skill in almost every sport. The ability to accelerate and decelerate at sudden times is essential and the foundation to explosive strength. Many injuries occur during these explosive movements of acceleration and deceleration; therefore, learning proper form during training will assist in training your body to proper form.

Concussion Awareness-Return to Play Guidelines

 Once your athlete is a diagnosed by a Physician as having a concussion, what are the next steps? Hopefully, your Physician is experienced with sports related concussions and will give you guidelines as to what you can do and what you cannot do.  “Often physical and cognitive rest 

Concussion Awareness-Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms

Over the last ten years, concussions have become a hot topic in youth and professional sports and for just cause. The media is constantly showing violent hits in the NFL, NHL and other sports and the results of the hits are being shown more and more. 

Boot Rehab and Protocols for Cheer

Purpose behind the Boot:

Rehabilitative boots are a form of lower extremity bracing.  The job of the boot is to restrict the movement of the joint.

Two Exercises To Improve Shoulder Mobility

Good shoulder mobility can not only improve shoulder function, but also improve performance and limit injuries.  This post gives you two simple exercises that can help you increase your shoulder mobility. 

Listen To Chris' Interview On Women's World Football

Listen to Chris' interview on the Women's World Football Show as he discusses ACL injuries and its impact on athlete's lives!

Off Ice Training for Goalies

Off ice training plays a vital role in the development of hockey players. USA Hockey follows the Long Term Athletic Development principles as the basis of their program. These principles will assist in creating a more consistent training regimen. Today’s training programs should not be based on how hard the program is, but what goals are in mind and are you progressing. When training for a sport, the program should be devised with the following in mind. 

Jacob Gardner's Rehab Compete week 2

Former pro athlete Jacob Garnder continues his 2nd week of rehab at Compete in this video.

Jacob Gardner's Rehab With Compete week 1


Check out this entertaining short clip from Compete client Jacob Gardner as he documents his rehab sessions with Chris Phillips and Compete Sports Performance & Rehab.

How Compete Sports Performance Got Started

April 2014 marks the 5th anniversary for Compete Sports Performance & Rehab in Lake Forest, CA. This represents an incredible accomplishment for the sports training facility and its owner Chris Phillips, who not long ago started the business during an incredibly tumultuous time when more businesses were shutting down than staying open.