Jacob Gardner's Rehab With Compete week 1


Check out this entertaining short clip from Compete client Jacob Gardner as he documents his rehab sessions with Chris Phillips and Compete Sports Performance & Rehab.

How Compete Sports Performance Got Started

April 2014 marks the 5th anniversary for Compete Sports Performance & Rehab in Lake Forest, CA. This represents an incredible accomplishment for the sports training facility and its owner Chris Phillips, who not long ago started the business during an incredibly tumultuous time when more businesses were shutting down than staying open.

Jacob Gardner's Experience Rehabbing His Injury

Compete client Jacob Gardner talks about his personal journey back from suffering a terrible leg injury. Check out this entertaining video.

How To Prepare For Soccer Tournaments And College Showcases.

Soccer tournaments play can take a major toll on an athlete’s body. But if you have proper recovery between games,you can substantially improve performance during these grueling tournaments.