Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition in sports is absolutely essential to the modern-day athlete. Regardless of if the athlete is professional, collegiate, high school, or younger, they need to be fueling their bodies properly.

Strength Training: When is it Safe to Start?

It’s the age old question. When is it safe to start strength training? Let’s start with the difference between strength training and weight lifting. In my opinion, weight lifting is just one aspect of strength training. Weight lifting can mean a wide variety of things, but is typically associated with lifting free weights to increase muscle size. The Mayo Clinic states “when done properly, strength training offers many benefits to young athletes, but 

Sport Specific Training

Sport-specific training is an important topic that has been researched and discussed more in recent years. Simply defined, it is focused on training programs that incorporate in muscle groups and exercises that will help an athlete within their particular sport.

Exercise of the Month

Frontal plane agility, power, and stability

The Impact of Coaching

Everyone who has played a sport at any point in their life has had a coach. In order to have a team, the team must have a coach. We all have had coaches in our lives that have helped to impact us in positive or negative ways.

Dealing with Shin Splints

Shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome is described by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons as an inflammation of the muscles, tendons and bone tissue surrounding the tibia. It is typically an overuse injury involving running or jumping. The main symptom is pain that runs along the tibia or shin bone. The place of pain may vary from injury to injury and can be directly on the bone or along the edges of the bone. The pain typically occurs 

Knee MCL Injuries in Ice Hockey

Knee sprains of the MCL or medial collateral ligament seem to be on the rise in competitive ice hockey. High profile Anaheim Ducks players Cam Fowler, Corey Perry and Ryan Miller have all suffered this injury in the last two seasons as reported by The MCL is a ligament that attaches the thigh bone or femur to the shin bone or tibia. 

ACL Prevention

One of the most dreaded injuries in all of sports would be tearing of the ACL (which stands for anterior cruciate ligament). This ligament crosses the front portion of the knee along with the PCL, which sits just behind it to form an “X”.

The Basics of Sports Injury Rehab

Injuries unfortunately are a part of sports. How an athlete recovers and returns from injury depends on each athlete and each injury.

Sport Specific Training: Truth or Myth

With sports specialization at a young age becoming the norm, how about the question of sports specific training? Social media and marketing suggest that all athletes should train specifically for their sport using cool looking exercises that mimic specific sports. Are these training programs truly helping your athlete or making matters worse by overtraining the same movements or performing exercises that the athlete is not prepared to do?