Core Strength & Stability

Posted: October 5, 2018

The core is an aspect of the body that is often spoken about in regards to an athlete’s training regiment. Many people think of having a strong core as just having a six-pack or simply being more defined. However, there is so much more to core strengthening than just aesthetics. Core should be an essential aspect of any athlete’s training program, as it is crucial to their athletic performance.


The core is important to an athlete’s performance and everyday function because it stabilizes the spine. Therefore, the core can be described as the foundation from which the rest of the body and training is based. In addition, the core must be strong in order to build the rest of the athlete’s body around it. It allows them to maintain good posture & spine stability, perform at their very best, and much more. Without a strong core, athletes will struggle to perform at their highest level.


The core can be trained through a variety of means and exercises. Variety in general is important for an athlete’s training program because it forces the body to adapt to new situations. This same mentality applies to core exercise and training. Incorporating in exercises that are unilateral, as well as exercises that are bilaterally focused are both just as crucial to include in an athlete’s training. It is crucial to keep in mind the importance of training the core in order to improve your athletes’ performance and prevent injury.


Taylor Rowden is a Strength Coach at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, California. Taylor graduated from the Master's University with a degree in Kiniesiology with an emphasis on sports injury and exercise science.