Improve Your Core Stability with this Easy Series

Posted: March 25, 2018

Core stability plays a huge roll in both sports performance and injury prevention. The core musculature includes any muscle that attaches to the pelvic bone. These include the abdominals, erector spinae and glutes to name a few. This group of muscles help stabilize the pelvis allowing the limbs to work indepedently. Think of a table that has four strong legs but the taple top sags. It doesn't make for a good table does it? The core stabilizers can help a hockey player hold off an opponent crashing the net, provide a good base of support for a baseball player going into the hole to make a strong throw to first base or a soccer player to make a quick move changing direction to make a play. There are tons of ways to build a more stable core, some simple and some complex, some beneficial and some not so much. This simple plank series only takes seven minutes a day and all you need is some floor space. Start in a normal plank position and hold for 30 seconds, immediately switch to a side plank for 30 seconds, then switching sides for another 30 seconds and finishing with a normal plank for 30 seconds. Then take a 30 second break and repeat two more times with another 30 second break after the second set. It sounds pretty simple, but for most athletes this can be challenging.