New Year, New You, Try Something New

Posted: January 6, 2016

At the beginning year everyone has a new resolution, traditionally including eating healthier and exercising more. The issue many people encounter is that they revert back to the same strategies they always have used like cutting a food group out of their diet or start walking once or twice a week. These are great to start, but instead of choosing to eliminate something out of your daily life style, set goals or choose to try something different that challenges you. For example, try a different workout class, try a new healthy recipe every week, go to a new trail or park to workout at, etc. Challenging yourself to try and experience something new not only rejuvenates your mind but your body as well. You may absolutely love your new recipe or it might be the worst thing you have ever made, but the point is that you tried and learned from it. Getting stuck in the same day-to-day routine and eliminating things from their life is what causes many people to lose motivation to stick to their resolution. Don’t take things from your life but add more to it. Allow yourself to be challenged and to grow. If you want to eat healthier, find what you like to eat and do it. You want to workout more, find a class, program, or exercise that is new and that you enjoy and do it. Say you hate running, instead of grinding through a run you hate, try riding your bike or rowing. The only obstacle in your way is you. Find those tools this year that helps you grow into the person you want to be.