Static Stretching Post-Workout

Posted: May 25, 2018

Static stretching is an aspect of training that is frequently overlooked by athletes, coaches, and trainers. However, this is an extremely important feature of training that needs to be done much more often, as it greatly aids the recovery process. There are discussions out there that state that static stretching before a workout is the most effective means of incorporating it into training. However, more research has come about saying that it is far more effective to do dynamic stretching before a workout, and static stretching after a workout. Static stretching post-workout is essential to allow the muscles to cool down properly after being trained and pushed to their limits. In addition, it causes the muscles to lengthen and return to their natural state before the next training session. Static stretching allows the body to relax after a stressful training session, and it also will decrease soreness significantly in the next few days after the session. Someone may be wondering how long they should stretch after their workout, and the answer is just a few minutes. If one can make enough time to do 10 to 15 minutes of static stretching after their workout, it will make a world of a difference. Static stretching is absolutely essential to include in one’s regular training schedule and active recovery process. When done hand in hand with other means of recovery (i.e. ice, electrical stimulation, foam rolling), athletes will find that they will feel and perform better.  

Taylor Rowden is a Strength Coach at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, California. Taylor graduated from the Master's University with a degree in Kiniesiology with an emphasis on sports injury and exercise science. She was also a member of the Women's Soccer Team.