Training Tips for Competitive Cheer

Posted: May 17, 2018

All athletes need of periods of rest prior throughout the season. In respect to competitive cheerleading, any rest period before the upcoming season is limited and short. To prevent overuse injuries while staying in shape for tryouts and the pre-season, athletes should focus on flexibility, overall endurance, and core stability. Practices should be limited in numbers in comparison to the peak of season. Focus should be on basic skill reviews, core training with overall strength, and revising form in all areas of stunting, tumbling, and jumps. Stretching out sore and tight muscles from the previous season is very important to reduce the opportunity of injury and enable their bodies to become stronger. Coming out of such a high peak performance level from the World Championships, cheerleaders before tryouts need to reduce intensity in practices while keeping their level of activity up. The needs of the athlete in the peak of season differ greatly when compared to the beginning, so their training should adjust accordingly. Core stability will allow athletes to perfect their tumbling form, increase overall power and strength, and allow for greater body control when learning new skills. Cheerleaders should not abandon the gym when given time off before tryouts, rather they should train smarter to reach their goals for the upcoming year.

Amanda Kasten is certified Athletic Trainer at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, CA and a past World Champion Competitive Cheerleader.