What Every Team Should Have in Their First Aid Kit

Posted: January 3, 2016

When an Athletic Trainer isn't available for your sports team's practice or game, it's imperative that a quality first aid kit and someone with general knowledge of first aid be present. The following is a list of items suggested by Compete Sports Performance and Rehab's certified Athletic Trainers to be contained in each team’s first aid kits. These kits should be on hand and easily available at all team functions. It is also suggested that the kits be on the bench during games and practices. The kits should be checked frequently to ensure they are well stocked.


·        10        Rubber Gloves

·        10        4x4 Gauze Pads

·        10        Antiseptic/Alcohol Pads

·        10        Antibiotic Cream Packets

·        1          Pair of Bandage Scissors

·        5          Instant Cold Packs

·        1          Box of Miscellaneous Band Aids

·        2          Ace Wraps

·       2          Rolls Elastic Tape

·        1          CPR Mask

·        10        Zip Lock Bags for Ice

·        1          First Aid and CPR Guide

·        1          Shoulder Sling

·        1          SAM Splint (flexible foam and aluminum splint)

·        2          Rolls of Clear Flexible Tape

·       2           Rolls of Under Wrap


These types of kits can be found in most Pharmacies and many Sporting Goods stores or online Please check contents of kits prior to purchasing to make certain you have everything needed. These kits are just a suggestion and having a certified Athletic Trainer on hand is the best way to ensure the safety of your athletes.