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The Importance of Core Strength

The look of an “eight-pack” is what most desire and expect when training their abdominal muscles. Except true core strength is not represented by the appearance of an eight-pack but provided by an overall stabilization and control during athletic and everyday activities. The three main core muscles are the rectus abdominis, which is the “eight pack”, the transverse abdominis which goes around the entire trunk, and the obliques which fills in our sides. These muscles all provide strength and energy output during all types of athletic performances.

Core strength is needed in every sport to perform at the highest level. Without core strength the strongest athletes would not be able to balance, change directions with such quickness, nor withstand contact from other players. Having a tight core also prevents injuries because the chain of reactions from outside forces does not cause the athlete to be overcome from one side. Rotational forces offer a huge impact in all sport types, but athletes who train their abdominals can correctly rotate without misaligning other lower or upper extremities in the process. Core activation allows for more powerful movements, overall explosion, and dispersion of landing forces. Without core stability back and hip muscles would, also, not be as strong which leads to many injuries becoming more common in younger athletes. This powerhouse muscle provides the solid base for which all muscles work upon and should remain a major focus in all seasons of athletes’ sports training.

Amanda Kasten is a certified Athletic Trainer at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab in Lake Forest, CA.