"Chris Phillips will make you better than you are and will see the vision to make you better than you think you can be. If you think you're competeing now, just wait untill Chris and the Compete staff are on your side!

Patrick McLain, Chicago Fire/MLS






"Chris Phillips and his staff offer and off ice aspect that is a crucial partof a player's development"

Larry Barron, President of Barron Hockey Academy





"I tore my ACL and had it repaired in June (9 months post-op now). Ever since then, I have gone to Compete regularly, maybe 1-2 times a week. The trainers push you hard but also make sure that you are okay. The difference between Compete and other facilities is that they care about each person's progress and love to see their clients succeed. Especially if you are in a competitive sport, they keep that in mind and use it to improve your workout. I know of a lot of people and friends who have torn their ACL like I have, but they went to different trainers. Some of them are still in recovery, even though its been over a year. They say that they are not being pushed very hard and it makes them more susceptible to another injury. Another thing I like about Compete is that they are very conscious about injury prevention."

Nicole Y, High School Soccer Player


Chris and his team have changed the culture of how my athletes perform. Through professional and guided training these athletes have become some of the best in the County simply because of their efforts at Compete Performance. Chris and his team get my highest recommendation! - JT Ayers, Boys Track and Field Coach


"Compete is PERFECT from start to finish for rehab or training."

Luka Petricevic, Professional Soccer Player





"I had some great rehab at Compete. It was a great spot for my recovery and loved working with Chris. He's the man."

-Chris Cortez, former Chivas USA player and current LA Blues player


"Chris has worked with my boys and their improvement has been astounding. His training methods have increased their footspeed, quickness, core strength, and power required to play hockey at an advanced level. Chris has brought his experience working in the National Hockey League to the private sector and can really aid amateur and pro players to compete at their best. If you're a hockey player looking to improve your game or recover from an injury, I would definitely suggest that you contact Compete Sports Performance and Rehab."

- Bill Comrie, USA Hockey Foundation Board Member and father of two AAA Hockey Players and two NHL Players

"Chris Phillips helped me become what I am today. Without his knowledge and dedication I could never have achieved the accomplishments that I have gained in my hockey career."

- Jonathan Blum, Nashville Predators/Captain 2008 US World Junior Team


"It was great working with Chris and his group last season in the WPS. The players were extremely happy with how professional his staff was. We are extremely fortunate to have him join the Pali family."

- Charlie Naimo, Head Coach- Los Angeles Blues/Pali Blues Soccer Club



"I put my faith in Chris's training programs. Our team has made great strides this season both on and off the ice and I contribute much of this to Compete, Sports Performance & Rehab. I wish I had this kind of training when I played"

- JF Jomphe, former NHL player





"Thanks to Chris and the work we did together throughout my rehab and prehab, I had a successful season with the 2009 Los Angeles Sol in the WPS. He was very professional and informative about treating my injuries, preventing further injury, and enhancing my performance. Every day I still continue to use the tools and techniques that Chris has shown me. I am always one step ahead of my opponents."

- Manya Makoski, Women's Professional Soccer Player/Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer, University of Maryland



"Working with Chris has given me the tools needed to compete at the next level. He has helped me in areas such as strength, speed, agility, and core. Chris has played an essential role in my growth as an athlete"

- Austin Saenz, Collegiate Baseball Player


"Chris Phillips of Compete Sports Performance is the real deal. Having a resume like his would be hard to find in other trainers. Both male and female athletes alike benefit from his years with the NHL and professional hockey as well as with the WPS training and looking after the best women soccer players in the world. There are loads of companies out there but few can match the experience and professionalism of Compete Performance. I am fortunate and proud to say that Chris is and hopefully will always be a part of our staff for speed, strength, agility training, injury prevention, and rehabilitation."

- Pete McNulty, Head Coach, Laguna Hills Eclipse GU15

"I had a complete microfracture of my left knee. The physical therapy I was put through by some of the most well renown therapists didn't leave my leg muscles as strong or responsive as I needed or had direction. My legs gained more strength, range of motion, and tone in 8 weeks than in my entire physical therapy. He is brilliant and I'm so thankful to him for getting me back to doing the training I haven't been able to do."

- Jill Montgomery, Former USA Track & Field Indoor National Champion

"Thanks a million Chris. Compete Sports Performance has helped us win back to back Orange Bowls."

- Jim Jacobs, Head Coach, Saddleback Valley Wolverines

"Chris is a solid professional. We have used his core performance programs for over a year and the programs have significantly reduced the number of groin and hip injuries. i would highly recommend Chris and his programs to anyone looking to gain an edge in athletic performance."

- Brad Pike, Head Athletic Trainer, Syracuse University

"Chris Phillips has been the "main man" in helping us throughout the year with designing a program for us during the off seasons. Chris has really taken care of us. Last season we went to the CIF playoffs for the first time in 12 seasons."

- Craig Moothart, Head Girls Volleyball Coach, Trabuco Hills High School