Training Philosophy



Embrace a world of focus & commitment. Don't just play. Compete!

Our goal is to help you get an edge, and transform you into a more durable and versatile athlete!

We Build The Athlete First!

Your first step to success starts with learning how to use your body. At Compete, we will teach you proper fundamentals that will improve your athletic skills such as running, jumping, cutting, acceleration, core activation, and much more!

 We Believe In Constant Motion!

Whether it's  Performance, Physical Therapy, or Injury Prevention, our programs are designed to keep you moving! At Compete, we create a fun and engaging environment that inspires you to be at your very best during every training session and physical therapy treatment.

We Take A Science Based Approach To your Training!

We've traded all the bells and whistles of high priced machines and gimmicks for an evidence based approach to training, sports science, and individualized programming. At Compete, we use some of the most effective training tools that help athletes get to that next level. Among them are:

  • Power Plate Vibration Training
  • TRX Suspension Training
  • TRX Rip Trainer
  • Crosscore Suspension Training
  • Recovery Pump
  • Core X Training System


We believe that every individual is unique. Therefore, we focus on delivering a first class service that applies the most effective methods of sports performance to your specific goals and needs.