August 2015

Two Simple Tips to Get Faster

Speed is the one attribute that just about every athlete strives for. Think of some of the best athletes out there. My guess is most of the ones you’re thinking about are fast. Speed is based on stride length x frequency. So how far and how fast you stride will determine how fast you are. These tips 

Mental Performance Series: Recovering from a Mistake

In sports mistakes are a large part of the competition. On any level of sports mistakes will be made whether in pee wee league or to the highest level of elite performers. In this article we will focus on the 3 R’s of recovering from a mishap during competition. 

Tips on Fitting Your Hockey Helmet

As a former Athletic Trainer in the National Hockey League, I have seen all types of helmets, good, bad and useless. The purpose of the helmet is to prevent head injuries during hockey games and practices. There is a ton of information on the web regarding which helmet is the most protective or which one will reduce concussions, but in my opinion