October 2015

Use These Three Exercises to Help Prevent ACL Injuries

An ACL tear is one of the most feared injuries in sports. Various research report anywhere from 80,000-250,000 ACL tears per year in the United States. The injuries occur in athletes from common sports such as soccer, basketball and football, but also occur in less common sports such as cheer and snowboarding.  They occur in pro athletes all the way down to pre-teens.

Sports Performance Training vs "Working Out"

Playing a sport and working out are two different spectrums. Working out is recreational exercise for general health and wellness, which consists of going on a run, or a bike ride, or lifting weights at the gym. This is great for the average person, but athletes are not average. They require a specific skill set that allows them to excel at their sport. The foundational athletic skills consist of speed, agility, strength, power, endurance, and flexibility; all which are tapered and refined depending on their sport. The training for 

Heiden Jumps to Improve Power in Hockey

Power can be defined as the rate at which work can be done. Simply put, how fast can you move an object? That object could be the puck being blasted into the top shelf, an opponent getting checked while skating down the wing or your own body skating across the ice. In today‚Äôs game, power is