July 2016

The Importance of Eating Breakfast

In a world driven by a tight schedule, the lack for individual health can sometimes suffer.  Skipping breakfast has become a common practice in many house holds and unfortunately can have short and long term affects on the body. 

Breakfast fuels the preferential oxidation of glucose (3), meaning breakfast is 

Debugging Anti-Nutritional Factors in Beans

Beans, Beans, the magical fruit that makes you toot.  Beans may in fact be the best thing to ever grow, ever, but beans have been brought to shame.  There has been news traveling around that beans are in fact more harmful than good.  This had to be pondered by not only myself but other fart loving, bean eaters. 

            The first claim that had been made was about 

Preventing Shin Splints in Runners

The term Shin Splints is also known as “medial tibial stress syndrome” and is typically seen in running sports such as track and field and cross-country.  This stress is specific to the lower leg and is typically caused by improper or worn-out shoes with a lack of arch support or muscular tightness in the calves. It also is an overuse injury meaning that there typically no one incident that caused the injury, but developed over time. The injury can also occur when increasing the intensity of your running program or