November 2016

Performance Tips #4: Single Leg Box Squat

Performance Tip #4: Single Leg Box Squats

Avoiding Burnout in Sports

The demands placed on athletes today in any given sport has increased immensely over the last ten years. It is not uncommon for California athletes to play on a club and high school team at the same time.  This means three to four practices a week and two to three games a weekend. Not to mention dryland training and private lessons which many older players are also involved with.  Tournament weekends can sometimes mean eight or more games in three to four days. Sound alarming? It should. 

Performance Tips #3: Box Jump Linear and Lateral

The purpose of this exercise is to work on landing technique to prevent knee and ankle injuries. A majority of knee and ankle injuries occur when athletes are unable to land properly or stabilize when landing off a jump. Whether that is heading the ball or blocking a shot, athletes need to be able to land safely