March 2017

Compete's Recovery Foam Roll and Stretches

These are the foam roll, ball, and stretch exercises that we use every day at Compete to keep our athletes healthy and to prevent injuries. Utilize this chart as a guide and implement it into your daily routine. The supplies that are needed are a foam roll and a lacrosse ball/tennis ball.

Performance Tips #9: Spiderman into Hamstring Stretch

Performance Tips #9: Spiderman into Hamstring Stretch

Use These Two Simple Exercises to Improve Your Speed on the Ice

Today’s hockey game is faster than ever. Today’s young stars like Connor McDavid and Johnny Gaudreau are so effective because of their speed. Perennial MVP’s Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin have an unreal ability to accelerate and beat their opponent to the puck, which makes them so successful. Speed is determined by stride length times stride frequency. Obviously, DNA has a lot to do with speed, but it can be trained successfully. Improving flexibility and strength in the legs and the mobility of the hip and ankle joints can allow for more efficient movements and a faster stride. Utilize the following two exercises to improve your strength and power that will make you a faster skater.