May 2017

How You Jump and Land Matters

Many sports involve jumping and landing.  In some sports like basketball and volleyball, your ability to jump high is a deeply valued skill and will help you excel.  Every jump and land is an opportunity for injury, which is why at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab, you'll often see our Strength Coaches working with young athletes on their landing mechanics, whether it's with both legs or single leg lands.  

Guest Blog by Tim DiFrancesco-5 Mistakes New Lifters Should Avoid at all Costs

It kills me to see people start up a new weight lifting habit only to crash and burn due to unnecessary mistakes. Why is it important to include responsible lifting in your approach to being awesome? To put it simply, lifting heavy stuff the right way makes you strong and strength drives performance. I want your lifting habit to last forever so let's cover 6 completely avoidable mistakes that new lifters commonly make: