July 2017

How Fatigue Can Cause Injuries

The body’s lower extremities connect and distribute weight throughout movements in our daily life. Energy absorption stems from the biomechanical mechanisms of which our body approaches movements.  Improper kinematics performed by one area of the body influences other lower extremities and can produce negative consequences. Inadequate strength, control, and/or alignment of the body’s structures upon ground-reaction subjects different lower extremity areas to injury. It is through the incorrect movements 

Get Stronger, Not Bigger

All the hype on social media today stresses how cool it is to be huge and lift heavy weights. You can’t look at Instagram, You Tube or Twitter without seeing some pro athlete or someone trying to be a pro athlete lifting an outrageous amount of weight one time and showing how big or “jacked” they are. It looks and is impressive, but what you might not know is how much pain they have in their joints, how limited their flexibility is and how they can’t move fluidly. The goal of strength training is to