February 2018

Preparing to Compete

As we head into playoff season, it is important to remember that proper preparation, on a daily basis is a major factor to your success. Preparing for a game doesn’t start when you step on the ice. Preparation is really a daily process of repeating certain things that make you the player you are. Preparation starts with how you eat and sleep at home or on the road. I try to engrain in all of the players we work with that preparation begins when you walk in the door of the rink. At this time, the game and what you need to do to win need to be the only thing on your mind.

Over Training in Sports

The standards for competitive sports for all levels from youth to professional have elevated. This reoccurring trend is not necessarily a bad thing; however, the emphasis is being placed more on quantity than quality of training. When the intensity, duration, and frequency of training is too high with insufficient recovery, training becomes harmful versus beneficial. If the quality of training is high then there should be no reason to compensate with extra conditioning or trainings in addition to what is already required.