April 2018

Preparing for Hockey Tryouts

Tryout season can be almost as stressful as the regular season. Players are jockeying for positions,  coaches are searching for the right players to fill their squad and parents are trying to understand what would be best for their son or daughter. Leading up to tryouts, there are things players can do to make sure they are as prepared as possible for a good showing when the time comes.

Core Stability Isn't Just Sit Ups

When most people think about core or abdominal exercises, they think sit ups and planks. Though these exercises can be effective, can we do it better? Many of the most popular core exercises are performed on the floor. The issue is that most of the sports we play occur standing up. With this in mind, adding core exercises in a standing position, 

Baseball Safety: Before Taking the Field

First and foremost, know your athletes.