January 2019

Dealing with Pregame Anxiety

It is extremely common to hear about athletes getting anxious before games. I know that I often felt that way before my soccer games in club and in college. Often times, there is a phrase that is used for these feelings, and that would be “pregame jitters” or “nerves”.

Exercise of the Month

Crawl and Reach- January exercise of the month

Sport Specific Training: Truth or Myth

With sports specialization at a young age becoming the norm, how about the question of sports specific training? Social media and marketing suggest that all athletes should train specifically for their sport using cool looking exercises that mimic specific sports. Are these training programs truly helping your athlete or making matters worse by overtraining the same movements or performing exercises that the athlete is not prepared to do?

The Basics of Sports Injury Rehab

Injuries unfortunately are a part of sports. How an athlete recovers and returns from injury depends on each athlete and each injury.