April 2019

Post Season Rest and Recovery in Hockey

As many junior, college and youth hockey seasons come to an end, it’s time to step back and take a look at the year, recover from the harsh demands both physically and mentally and set goals for the coming off season. Hopefully, you are playing in the USA Hockey National Championships, NCAA Frozen Four or Junior Playoffs, but if you aren’t, sit back and enjoy watching the games. See what those players are doing and what you need to improve on to 

Technology and Training

In this day and age society has become much more reliant on technology to improve our lives.  We have gotten to the point where we can run our homes, work, and chores from a digital device while sitting on our comfortable couch.  The ease of living has increased obesity across the general population and shortened the overall lifespan of recent generations due to lack of physical activity.  Can we use this same technology to enhance workouts and make them more fun?  

Benefits of Strength Training

Many today in the world of fitness and athletics are often bringing up the topic of strength training, especially when it comes to athletes. Strength training is loosely defined as using bodyweight and free weight exercises in order to build up muscular strength and stability.

Exercise of the Month

Lunge chop

Communicating with Parents

In the world of sports, there is an extremely important relationship between athletes, their teammates, and their coaches. However, there is also a relationship between coaches and the athlete’s parents.

Strength Training Based on Age

Strength training and conditioning can be started once the athlete is capable of understanding and learning how to do it properly.