October 2019

Preventing Groin Injuries in Hockey

A successful hockey season filled with wins, goals, assists and enjoyment can be easily derailed with a groin strain. The groin musculature or adductor group is located on the inside of the thigh and brings the thigh back into the midline of the body. This is an important group of muscles 

Preventing ACL Tears in Female Soccer Players

One of the most common injuries seen in women’s soccer today are ACL tears. It is not uncommon to see young female soccer players, especially by college, that have torn at least one of their ACLs, if not both.

Communicating with Coaching Staff

In the world of athletic training, strength coaching, etc., much of their daily interactions include talking with not only athletes and parents, but coaching staff as well. Therefore, it is vital for strength coaches and trainers to develop those relationships with the coaches.