April 2020

Training for Roller Hockey vs Ice Hockey

Roller hockey can seem very similar to ice hockey at times, but can also seem vastly different. Roller hockey typically has less players on a team than ice and only four skaters on each side during play. One would think, less players would mean shorter shifts on the ice, but the opposite is the norm. In addition, ice hockey is a more physical sport that includes checking at many levels. Laura Veharanta, Captain of the 2019 World Champion USA Roller Hockey Team stated “I'd say the biggest difference 

Health and Fitness Tips During the Pandemic

As part of the rules of social distancing to fight off the outbreak of Covid-19, we shudder ourselves in our homes. The stress and the worry may lead us into unhealthy habits in other ways. We may look to comfort foods to make ourselves feel better. We may snack more often out of boredom. Although there is more free time to exercise, fear keeps us inside on the couch streaming more TV.

5 Mobility Exercises to Improve Your Skating Stride

A stride in hockey is a very complex movement that incorporates range of motion, strength, power and balance all with perfect timing. If one area is weak or compromised, a skater will never reach his or her potential. I had the pleasure of working with the legendary physiologist Jack Blatherwick, also known as Cardiac Jack