November 2020

Effective Goal Setting

Goal setting: a method of accomplishing a certain standard of ability on a targeted task within a specific amount of time. It is important that your goals are SMART. Why? Ineffective goal setting creates a pattern of haphazard, wasteful attempts toward a task that ultimately dampens your motivation. Appropriate goal setting helps you succeed by allowing you to evaluate your progress and modify or redirect your efforts.

Training in Rotation

In most sports, you will notice some form of rotational component.  This applies to activities of everyday life, as well.  Whether it’s jumping in figure skating, pitching a baseball, shooting a hockey puck, or kicking a soccer ball, you are rotating to some degree.  Which is why it is important to train your core in rotation and anti-rotation movements, regardless of your sport. 

Keeping Fit During the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected youth sports and the activity levels in California like nothing we have ever seen before. State regulations allow for “training” with restrictions, although many teams continue to practice and play games out of state. While some are trying to maintain some sort of normalcy, others are more limited, not having access to certain club or high school sports activities. Many of these athletes