February 2021

Improving Leg Strength in Figure Skaters

The sport of figure skating demands strength, power, balance and stability from the lower body during competition, not to mention the endurance of a four and a half minute long or free skate program. A skaters legs need to be strong enough to perform edgework and sequences, powerful enough to launch in the air during a jump such as an axel or a lutz, and the stability to land those jumps with grace.

Building a Stronger and More Stable Hockey Player

We often see social media posts of athletes lifting massive weights in an attempt to get bigger muscles. Many young hockey players see these posts and want to do the same – get huge muscles because they think it will make them better hockey players. Well unfortunately, that’s not necessarily true. Today’s hockey player needs to be quick, agile, and stable enough to ward off a defender in order to be successful. Getting “hockey strong” doesn’t have to mean getting huge muscles, it means getting stronger in order to be a better player. Isn’t that the goal of off ice training, to become a better player on the ice?

Common Hockey Injuries and How to Prevent Them

In a high velocity, contact sport such as ice hockey, injuries are bound to occur. NHL players can reach speeds of over 20 mph on the ice and a puck can be shot at over 100 mph. With players ranging in size, the amount of force created in a check or simply skating or shooting can cause injuries. Injuries range from sprained ligaments and strained muscles to contusions (bruises), broken bones and concussions. 

Outdoor Sports Return to Orange County: 5 Tips to Staying Healthy and on the Field

Outdoor sports have officially returned to Orange County. Though many athletes have been training, conditioning and playing games, the intensity will definitely be ramping up with more practices and games each week. The COVID-19 pandemic put many sports on the shelf for a significant time, and with club and high school coaches raring to go, the volume of practices and games will definitely tax all athletes involved. With club and high school sports going at the same time, athletes may be asked to practice twice a day and play upwards of four games a week for only one sport. What if your athlete plays multiple sports?