Private Training


Get Ready To Play At Your Best!

Elite athletes need to be at their best every time they are on the field of the battle. They have to be mentally and physically ready for the challenges the best competition can bring. 

Our focus is to build the athlete first. With Private or Semi Private Training, you will receive a program that is created for you, and you alone! This can include:

  • Core & Functional Strength
  • Speed & Agility
  • Plyometric Training and Power Development
  • Weight Training
You will receive one on one training that focuses on developing every skill you need to transform into an elite athlete. We will customize a program for you that can include pre and post program testing to track your progress, injury prevention programs to keep healthy during competition and recovery programs to regenerate after a tough game or tournament and prepare for the next competition.

Contact Compete Sports Performance today and find our more about our Private Training Programs which start at just $50 per session.

Functional Movement Screening and Sports Performance Testing

We are very pleased to announce that Compete Sports Performance & Rehab will now be offering Functional Movement Screens (FMS) and Performance Testing Services. The FMS is a reliable baseline to screen and evaluate movement which is key to providing information valuable in devising performance programs as well as risk of injury and is currently used in the NFL Combine. Compete's Performance Testing includes weight, bodyfat, 20 yard dash, pro agility shuttle run, vertical jump and kneeling medicine ball throw. More tests such as 40 yard dash and bench press may be added as needed. The two services will be administered together on an individual basis to athletes looking to monitor their progress and and receive a more personal training plan. We suggest that the services be repeated every two to three months to see the athlete's personal gains.