Exercise of the Month

Exercise of the Month: Lunge with overhead press

Key Training Tips for the Post Season

As the season begins to wind down and playoffs are around the corner, it’s time to take a look at your training and recovery program and see if you need to modify it. The season can be very demanding on athletes with practices, lessons, games, tournaments, travel and workouts, not to mention school and having time to just be a kid. It not only affects athletes physically, but also mentally. Athletes may feel tired, physically sore, mentally drained or dealing with an injury that all may affect their performance. These feelings may also reduce the fun of playing the game, which to me is more important than performance.

Exercise of the Month

Nordic Hamstring Curl

Consistency of Training

Reaching goals is the easy part; maintaining them is the tough part. Be

consistent in your training to maintain your goals

Exercise of the Month

Prone Ys to Ws

Returning to Play After an Injury

Injuries occur in sports. Some require rest, some rehab, sometimes treatment and modifications to activity are necessary in order to get the athlete back into competition. Every injury and every athlete is different so there is no black and white answer to how fast or what is needed to return to play. When an injury occurs, it is smart to seek out advice from a medical professional such as 

Concussion Awareness-Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms and Return-to-Play Guidelines

No topic has garnered more attention over the last several years than concussions. The media is constantly showing violent hits in the NFL, NHL and other sports and the results of the hits are being shown more and more. Recent involvement by the NFL Players Association as well as many others, have sparked medical research and education into concussions and the long term effects they may cause. This movement has sparked many changes in the way concussions are handled and will greatly benefit an athlete’s health not only today, but in the future.

Modifying in the Moment

Have you ever had an athlete come in and tell you that they have a new injury or are struggling with pain in a certain area? I’m sure the answer to that question for you is a resounding “yes”! This is a very common occurrence in our fitness and strength/conditioning world.

Establishing Credibility and Relationships

The teams that come to facilities like Compete are looking for someone to help their programs improve and grow every day. They want someone who will help their players to perform at the highest level possible and to rise above their competitors.

Variation of Exercises

Trainers and strength coaches come up with training programs for their athletes throughout their preseason, season, and post-seasons. It will look very different depending on their sport and the individual athlete’s strengths and weaknesses.