Exercise of the Month

Posted: December 11, 2018

The exercise of the month is a single leg RDL with weight transfer. The purpose of this exercise is to improve single leg strength and stability. It can be used as a progression to your standard single leg RDL as the weight shift further tests the stability of the standing leg and forces the core muscles to be engaged.

Start by standing on one leg holding a weight in the opposite hand. Keeping the standing knee straight, hinge down from the hips. Once the body is parallel to the floor or maximum hamstring stretch is reached, transfer the weight to the other hand and return to start. Continue switching between hands with each repetition with slow and controlled movements.

Tips: The knee of the standing leg should be slightly bent throughout. Hinge from the hips and focus on keeping the back flat, creating a straight line from the trunk to the opposite leg. Keep the core engaged and hips level with each other.