Grains- Good or Bad?

Posted: May 8, 2015

The following blog was submitted by Compete Sports Performance and Rehab's Strength Coach AJ Rafter.

The health benefits of grains have gotten very controversial as of late.  Are they good or are they bad? Fad diets such as the Paleo diet would argue that they are bad, while many other studies have found great health benefits.  Whole grains have been found to lower risk for heart disease, type two diabetes, and increase life longeivity.  Refined grains on the other hand are not nutrtionally beneficial.  In the refining process they take out all the "healthy" parts of the grain.  With that said, studies have also shown that a diet without grains, or very miminal have shown weight loss.  Article written up by Authority Nutrition has great information on both good and bad aspects of grains.