Healthy, Packable Snacks to Fuel the Day

Posted: August 21, 2016

Food intake is extremely important for athletes burning a ton of calories in their respective athletic endeavors. Packing and snacking on food items throughout the day will prevent overconsumption at lunch or dinner.  In order to keep energy levels high, a variety of foods should be packed and consumed throughout the day and a meal should never be skipped due to lack of time or availability of food.  Try packing a simple small soft cooler with a cold water bottle to keep foods at a desirable temperature.  Here is a list of simple recommended foods to pack along for the day:

Trail Mix- should contain nuts, pretzels, and fruit

Yogurt with fruit and granola

Crackers – add tuna, salmon, lunch meat or peanut butter

Fruit- apple, banana or grapes

Granola Bars- try different brands and ingredients

Consume items throughout the day and be sure to stay hydrated by drinking a minimum of 6 pints of water per day.

Kyle Romine is a certified Srength and Conditioning Speicalist at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab.