Performance Tips #8: TRX Overhead Squat

Posted: February 20, 2017
TRX Overhead Squat
The purpose of the TRX Overhead Squat is to improve squat mechanics and engage the posterior chain during squats. The posterior chain consists of the muscles not the posterior parts of the body such as: biceps femoris, gluten, erector spinae muscle groups, trapezius, and posterior deltoids. These muscles often have difficulty activating which can inhibit increases in balance, posture, strength, power and injury prevention. While performing this exercise you want to pull back on the TRX with your hands versus just leaning back. This activates the posterior chain in order to maintain proper posture during a squat. By pulling on the TRX, you should feel the back of shoulders and in between your shoulder blades. Next aim to get a deep squat without losing the pull on the TRX. 
This exercise is ideal to work on proper posture and squatting mechanics because it actives the posterior chain so well. Mix this into your workout routines to get some variety and work on your posterior chain to increase your balance, prevent injury, posture, strength, and power.