Use These Two Exercises to Improve Your Running

Posted: August 7, 2016

Tight and weak hip muscles, specifically the Gluteus Medius, when running can cause compromised stride length and reduced propulsion.  What this means is that the Gluteus Medius muscle plays a major role in hip abduction and when it is weak or tight the pelvis will tilt sideways and inhibit the ability to transfer weight to the opposite leg when it comes into contact with the ground.  This inefficiency in running form can cause slow speed, misalignment and possible overuse injuries, and pain in the lower extremities that would cause one to stop running or training. Utilize these two exercises using resistance bands to help strengthen the Gluteus Medius muscle and help keep you running strong.

Lateral Walk: Place mini band around your ankles and step laterally for 10 yards one way and repeat back to where you started. Repeat this exercise in a quarter squat and a half squat.











Standing Leg Kicks: Place mini band around your ankles. Standing on one leg, kick the other leg forwards and backwards 15 times. Repeat on other side. Repeat for three sets.

Kyle Romine is a certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist at Compete Sports Performance and Rehab.