The Winning Edge

Posted: March 9, 2016

In sports everyone is looking for an edge to beat the competition. What if I told you that edge is built into the way you prepare for your season, specifically using the 4 pillars of performance. Now these 4 pillars are based off of the dynamics of training; however, nutrition and sleep are also important factors. The 4 pillars of performance are (1) tactical preparation, (2) technical preparation, (3) mental preparation, and lastly (4) strategic preparation. These will be your keys to success. Tactical preparation consists of strength and conditioning, speed training, and all the other tools needed to perform your sport. Technical preparation consists of the drills and movements of your sport that are specific to the position. Mental preparation is the process of developing tools to perform under pressure and preparing yourself to deal with adversity from the beginning to the end of the game or match. Finally, the strategic preparation uses a combination of all of the above to strategically plan the performance of the sport. By putting all of these components together in the preseason you, as an athlete, will gain that edge you are looking for to beat your opponent. Make sure to have a qualified professional help to guide you through these phases of performance so you can optimize each phase.

Good Luck!!!


Written by: Kojo Arhin M.S. Mental Performance Coach/ Strength and Conditioning Specialist.