Our Partners

Compete has partnered with a few suppliers of products and services that we believe in. Please see them below for discount codes and feel free to ask our staff for more information. 





BioSteel Sports Supplements are available at a discounted price at Compete. Products Available at Compete include Advanced Recovery Shake, High Performance Drink and Nutritional Bars. For more information on the products, please visit www.biosteel.com
Power Play Cold compression units to decrease pain and swelling. For more information on the products, please visit www.powerplay.us.
Use promo code: CPHILLIPS for free shipping
Zamst precision supports, sleeves and braces. For more info on their products, please visit www.zamst.us
Use product code: ZAMCSP20 to recieve a 20% discount.
For over 20 years, ActiveWrap┬« has manufactured patented heat and ice packs/ice wraps for pain relief. Our physical therapy ice packs are designed and trusted by physical therapists with a patient first approach. ActiveWrap┬« specializes in ice wrap designs that are reusable, versatile, and built for everyday professional use. For more info, visit www.activewrap.com
RP Sports is the maker of the Recovery Pump used at Compete to sequentially compress the legs to reduce muscle soreness and expedite recovery. For more information, visit their website at www.rpsports.com/recoverypump
The Medical Fitness Network connects the community to fitness, wellness and allied health care professionals to maximize the quality of life. Compete owner, Chris Phillips is a member of MFN. For more information, please visit www.medicalfitnessnetwork.org
California and Nevada's authorotative source for hockey. Owner Chris Phillips contributes articles for both the magazine available at your local rink and online at www.carubberhockey.com.
The Medical Fitness Network connects the community to fitness, wellness, and allied healthcare professionals to maximize quality of life.