Post Rehab Conditioning

Don't Let Injuries Set You Back.

Get Back In The Game Quicker And Stronger Than Ever!

We know that returning to your sport after suffering a serious injury is not easy. Often times, rehab clinics only do enough to treat your injury and neglect to get your body back to pre-injury status. That's why we go a step further with Post Rehab Conditioning. At Compete we offer:

·       Sports Rehab to improve your overall joint functions and athletic ability.

·       Core Training to help you prevent future injury

·       Performance Programs specific to getting you back in the game.

With Post Rehab Conditioning, you will be able to bridge the gap between Physical Therapy and your return to your sport. Under the supervision of Compete's Certified Athletic Trainers, you will be able to get back to competition safer and quicker. 
Contact us today and get back to competition!